Max Young

Maitland High School student Max Young was today announced as a finalist at the Youth Frontiers Mentoring Program Awards Ceremony at Parliament House and it was fantastic to share that experience with his mum Nicola and his sister Mackenzie who represented him as he is currently in Finland.

Max was recognised for his innovative plan to paint GPS co-ordinates on house roofs, ­pinpointing exact locations for helicopters to drop supplies ­during floods.

After experiencing the effects of the April superstorm last year that severely impacted the Maitland community, Max worked on the project, as part of the Youth Frontiers program, to ensure assistance was provided in a timely manner to disaster-affected properties.

With around 1,000 students involved in the program it is very exciting that Max’s effort and commitment towards his project has been acknowledged, and rewarded, by the Minister.

Congratulations Max on this outstanding achievement.

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