Maitland farmers need helping hand

Today I spoke with two local farmers, one from Maitland and one from Morpeth about the issues they are facing with two storm events in 9 months. I repeated my call on the State Government to apply to the Federal Government for Category C funding and I have asked the government to review the eligibility criteria.

Farmers know they are subject to floods, and they plan and manage for that, but a one in a 100 year event followed up by the massive rainfalls we have had in January, have depleted many of their resources.

It's not fair in a year when most of Maitland's farmers have had to work off farm to keep their families going to deny them assistance because they have less than 51% on farm income.

These are not "hobby farmers", they are often second generation farmers who are starting off their own properties, or seniors transitioning to retirement. Without any government assistance some have estimated they will face more than seven years just to get back to where they were in March 2015.

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