Telarah Public School

Congratulations to Telarah Public School on their 125th anniversary.

Last week I attended an event at a school that is celebrating 125 years of public education in the Maitland community. Telarah Public School opened in 1890—before Federation, before the establishment of the Labor Party, and a generation before my grandmother was born.

The turnout was incredible. I met children on the playground, including the little ones in the Whitlam era preschool, parents, former students, principals and current teachers such as Anne Kelly, who was recently included on the Hidden Treasures Honour Roll.

Principal Tony Gadd took me on a tour of the school with the school's companion dog, Pepper—a charming labradoodle—and we enjoyed morning tea, which was produced in the school's Stephanie Alexander kitchen, which complements the vegetable and flower garden. Primary school is the foundation of education and is extremely important. With the commitment and devotion of Tony Gadd, his fantastic team and our wider community and their guidance of the children, they will all have a very bright future.

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