Metford Neighbourhood Watch

Commendation of the work of Bill Hackney dedicated to reducing crime and improving community relationships.

Every community at one time or another experiences antisocial behaviour. In many cases the best deterrent to reducing this behaviour is community members working together for the betterment of the area.

Bill Hackney of Metford, who is one of these community-minded individuals, is committed to reducing the crime rate and improving community relationships in his neighbourhood. Bill set up a Facebook page to report crime in the Metford area, which he has recently relaunched as the Metford Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page. It is designed to allow community members to post issues that are happening in Metford.

The page has had so much success in reducing crime rates and increasing public awareness of safety that Bill has been handpicked to participate in a push by the NSW Police Force to launch a new-look digital Neighbourhood Watch initiative across the State.

It is an outstanding achievement for Bill to be selected to participate in this program. His contribution could have serious and far-reaching benefits for many communities in the Maitland electorate and across New South Wales. I congratulate Bill on his initiative.

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