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Ms Maitland Showgirl 2017

Two weeks ago I met some wonderful, inspiring young women who are participating in the 2017 Ms Maitland Showgirl movement. In Maitland this proud rural tradition has embraced the twenty-first century with "Ms", not "Miss", Maitland also becoming the city's youth ambassador. The nominees are: Macia Boroweic, Phoebe Ferguson, Sarah Graham, Blair Harvey, Georgia Holt, Miranda O'Brien and Brittany Wile. They all showed intelligence, passion and commitment to community service—the values that rural women around our nation have displayed for generations.

These seven young women are passionate about the community of Maitland and what makes our city unique. Like me, they wish to ensure that Maitland continues to thrive as a regional destination. These young women will go on to perform community service and represent their community throughout their lives. I wish them well in their endeavours. I congratulate Miranda, Blair and Macia, who came first in this group of showgirls.

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