Awards and Recognition

In addition to Congratulatory Messages, there are opportunities throughout the year to recognise  individuals, teams, organisations and community  groups through Award nomination or Community Recognition Statements.

If you know of someone who deserves recognition for outstanding efforts or contribution to their community, let my office know or consider nominating them for one or more awards as they open throughout the year. 


2018 Seniors Local Achievement Awards

Do you know a senior that needs to be recognised in the Maitland community?  

Love Your Life! is the theme for the Seniors Festival being held during February 13-24.


The Seniors Local Achievement Awards give Maitland the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions women and men aged over-60 make in our community.


Ms Aitchison is encouraging nominations in five categories;

•             Business;

•             Environment, Science and Agriculture;

•             Health and Wellbeing;

•             Lifelong Learning; and,

•             Community Service.


Seniors from all walks of life are eligible including those still working as well as those who make up our biggest collective workforce - the volunteers. Nominations are open now and close 11 February 2019. Download your nomination form here. 

NSW Government State Representative Award

Did you know? The NSW Government State Representative Award accepts nominations year round and recognises people who have represented the State of NSW in a competitive field.


Nominees of any age, who have represented NSW in a competitive field (e.g. sport, music, the arts or academic), either nationally or internationally, may be nominated for the Award.


The Award is an official certificate bearing the NSW State Coat of Arms and the Premier’s signature.

Information and nominations can be downloaded as follows: 

NSW Government State Representative Nomination Form

NSW Government State Representative Nomination Guidelines

NSW Government State Representative FAQs

Community Recognition 

Do you know someone who deserves a call out but doesn't fit into an award or recognition program indicated? Submit an email outlining the individual, group and what you would like to recognise them for. Ensure your full name, address and contact details have also been provided and my office can look at recognition opportunities available and get back to you. 

For further assistance around awards and recognition, please contact my office on 4933 1617 or by email