About the NSW Parliament

The NSW Legislative Assembly was the first fully elected legislature in Australia, with its Members being directly elected since 1856.


Today the House is comprised of 93 Members, each representing an electorate of the State.  There are a number of representatives from various political parties as well as independents in the 56th Parliament of NSW.  You can see the electoral pendulum here.

I speak in Parliament on a wide range of issues from recognising community groups to debating proposed legislation. I introduce Private Members Bills and Statements which are always focussed on the needs of the Maitland electorate and I deliver speeches on important events. I also ask questions of the government in order to hold them to account for their policy decisions.


Each sitting week I submit up to nine written questions These questions must be answered by the relevant Minister within 35 days.


Here are links to my speeches and questions:

Community Recognition Statements

Private Members Bills and Statements

ANZAC Centenary Commemoration

2015 Budget Speech in Reply

Debating Legislation

Question Time

Questions on Notice


The parliament has its own website which contains information about the Assembly's history and procedures, its Members and what is happening in the House and its committees by clicking here.